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The famous Lambeau field in Green Bay is known as the "frozen tundra." Well, we're several hours north of there. Canada quietly knocks on our backdoor.

Spring is unpredictable. Summer is simply too short. Fall explodes with incredible colors while the cooler temperatures are a welcome change. Winter is often brutal, yet, beautiful nonetheless.

This is where you'll find us. Working in the wilderness next to the abundance of animals. The other day I saw a bear and her cub cross an open field. I watched until they disappeared from sight into the neighboring woodlands.

While our company remains small, our quality remains monumental. We are blessed being able to do what we enjoy and want to do. For it's reflected in our quality.

Tomorrow I'll return to the woods. Perhaps I'll see another deer. The arrival of new born fawns is near. That, in itself, is pretty awesome.

A Thought from Randy

A Time For Giving

The year is 2009. We are currently in a recession. That is reality. Our economy suffers. People are uncertain about the future.

No matter the state of the economy, there always exists the one aspect of life which cannot be taken away. For there is, and always will be, Christmas.

During the great depression, when people had less than nothing, they always had with them a special time of the year. Remembered was all which is important in life. Forgotten was their own troubles and thoughts became focused on those who were even less fortunate. They gave even though they had nothing to offer. They had, also, the one aspect of life which from them couldn't be taken. They had Christmas.

Throughout the years, there is only one certainty which remains. There is, and always will be, Christmas.

My name is Randy and I own Starbright Wreaths. We are a wholesale Christmas company. While many merely desire to capitalize from this joyous season, I prefer to participate in the event. For it's that beautiful time of year when the focus is on giving. Sadly, many in this business have forgotten that.

We create Christmas wreaths for a variety of youth fund-raising organizations. We donate beautiful, hand-tied velvet bows and white-tipped painted pinecones. All displayed on a beautifully, hand-crafted Christmas wreath. A wreath created from the heart. It was created by a person completely aware of that special someone who will receive their creation. We provide our floral customers with discount pricing, when the order placed doesn't warrant it. Never forgotten is the theme of the season. You can find us outside an Aldi's store handing wreaths to those we know simply cannot afford one. To witness the expressions upon their faces as handed to them is a beautiful Christmas wreath is truly priceless. Proudly displayed is a velvet bow and white-tipped cones. That expression is what's important. That expression is what truly matters.

I own a wholesale Christmas wreath company. The day we forget what Christmas is all about is the same day we are no longer in business. It truly is a time for giving.


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(715) 499-2350